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Artists that I have work with:

Artiste avec qui j’ai travaillé:


Bald vulture, Runt, Hymn From Above, Tears From The Sky, From Life To Death, Drown In Tears, A Perfect Murder, A Death For Every Sin, Jerry Can, Depths Of Silence, A New Renaissance, Radical Attack, Indignance, Bullets Included, Third Bike Wheel, Fried End, Never Say Die, Sidewalk, Anarkia, All For One, No Apology, Chopsticks, Five Knucle Surprise, The Vice, Jaws of Life, The Bonds, Unfistrife, Forsaken Trust, Aeternal, Non Sufficient Funds (NSF), Fayne, The Real Deal, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Fist Fuck, Camilla Rhodes, The Awkward Picture, Never for Ever, Five Seven, The Shake, A Single Day, Martin Carrier, Coalition, Ann's Fallacy, Pride, The Cranes,The Vöhn N' Krystal, Florence, Ukko, Downline, Five to Ignite, Disco Tigers, A Scream From The Sky, Élosphère, Back to Front, Le forfait de Base, Hey Sugar, Deadwalk, As They Turn From Praise, Sins Under City Lights, Dark Century, Laurel, Gone by Nightfall, Terracide, Breaking The Fourth Wall, Luis Oliva, Ron Grieco, Phil J and the Rekord Breakers, Curt Close, The Rising Tide, A New Renaissance and many more... et plusieurs autres...